The sky is not the limit: Putting our brain to use in space

A parabolic flight study

Evelien Lageweg MSc student, Leiden University

Banningzaal, 13.45 uur - 14.05 uur

Once labelled as science fiction, today, ideas such as extraterrestrial colonization and tourist space travels are taking form. Space exploration is thriving, but challenges remain. What exactly happens to our brains in space? How to make space travel safer for both tourists and astronauts? How to overcome functional difficulties that arise in weightlessness? Brain-computer interfaces could provide us with solutions. They may support the health of space travelers and put thoughts into practical use. We will provide you with a deeper understanding – including live demonstration! – of the BrainFly study, investigating gravitational effects on brain signals and the use of brain-computer interfaces.

Evelien Lageweg | MSc student
Leiden University